Automatic Multi-channel Counting Machine

This machine is an intelligent automatic counting and filling machine, it can automatically achieve any number (odd, even, a precise number of tablets) bottle filling work.
The structure of small size low noise and smooth operation, small and medium-sized, which is widely applied for capsule counting for big scale production in pharmaceutical factory, health care products factory, hospital preparation room, etc.

Benefit of FW-8S/12S Full Automatic Counting Machine

Can count and bottle solid preparations or solid particles such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills, etc.
8-channel vibration uniform blanking, and the unique flap sub-assembly mechanism blanks and discharges evenly and smoothly, without damaging drugs.
Using our company’s anti-high dust photoelectric sensor technology, it can work stably even under high dust conditions.
The photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is less than the national standard.
With multiple detection and alarm control functions such self-checking, etc.
Automatic detection of lack of bottle photoelectric sensor, automatic shutdown.
Using intelligent design, various operating parameters can be set according to needs.
The operator only needs simple training to operate, disassembly, cleaning, and replacement of parts are simple and convenient, without tools.


chewing gum
chewing gum
laundry beads
laundry beads
Coffee bean
Coffee bean
Model FW-8S FW-16S FW-24S FW-32S FW-48S
Voltage 110V/220V/380V 50-60Hz
Motor Power 600W 1200W 1500W 2200W 3000W
Production Capacity 30 bottles/Min 20-80 bottles/Min 20-100 bottles/Min 40- 120 bottles/Min 40- 150 bottles/Min
Machine Weight 260KG 380KG 480KG 520KG 580KG
Applicable Bottle <=500ml round/square/Irregular bottle
Product Application Capsule, Tablet, Candy, Button, etc
Machine Dimensions 1400*1400*1560MM 1400*1400*1560MM 1400*1400*1560MM 2100*1450*1560MM 2100*1450*1560MM
Q: How long need to ship the machines after order?
A: We have ready stock for some model machines, and other machines can be ready and shipped in 7 to 30 days after order.
Q: How long is your machine’s warranty period?
A: All our machines have one year guarantee for electrical parts and two years guarantee for mechanical units, starting from the finished installation.
Q: What can you provide for after-sale service?
A: Providing pictures and videos for the whole production, packing, and delivery; Providing 24/7 available technical support; Providing professional engineers to service overseas.
Q: How can I trust you for the first-time business?
A: We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory anytime, and please note our business license and certificates above. If you don’t trust us, we suggest using Alibaba Trade Assurance Service for all transactions to protect your money and assured service.
Q: What are your advantages?
A:1. Competitive price;
2. Excellent technical support;
3. Best service, including professional team and shipping with VIP cooperation;
4. Promised response within 12 hours and professional business manager answer your needs accurately;
5. Customized products and kinds of machines;
6. Providing related machines according to your needs.

Provide Customized Services

As a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery, we can provide you with product customization services, inform us of your needs, and we will provide you with a perfect solution.

Quality Warranty Service

Provide three-year product warranty service for free. If you encounter any problems during operation, such as mechanical failures, please feel free to contact us.

After-Sales Service

From the moment you receive the machine, if you have any questions about the use of the product, you can contact us 24/7 at any time. We have a professional after-sales service team that will solve the problem for you through video, telephone and other forms.

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    Multi-function Automatic Counting Line

    Maybe you have only bought one of our machines, but you shall know about our company’s complete production line, which will definitely satisfy you.

    Multiple matching machines cooperate perfectly.
    You can choose the complete line or just several machines of it, which is based on your own needs.

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