We provide high-quality capsule filling machines of many types, and we can provide you with the most competitive prices. Our capsule filling machines are mainly divided into fully automatic capsule filling machines and semi-automatic capsule filling machines. You only need to tell us the type of capsule you need to make and the required output. We can recommend the model that suits you to improve your production efficiency.
The automatic capsule filling machine only needs the operator to complete the setting on the PLC screen, and pour the empty capsules and raw materials into the machine, and then it can automatically and continuously produce.

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine requires the operator to assist in the production of the device at different stages, with simple operation and low learning cost.

Fully Automatic Capsule Filler

The maximum output of the NJP800C automatic capsule filling machine can reach 48,000 capsules per hour. It has the characteristics of low maintenance operation and shortest downtime.
The high filling rate of the capsule filler makes it suitable for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, and chemical industries.
Meets the demand of low maintenance costs and large-scale production capacity.

Benefits of Fully Automatic Machines

1. Innovation of turntable mechanism: good stability, regardless of filling speed. How fast, how long the operation time, no dust into the turntable, quick and convenient assembly and disassembly of the mould (15 minutes) to reduce labor intensity, on the original basis to improve the efficacy of three times. The installation of the mould is accurate, the concentricity of the upper and lower die holes is good, there is no deviation.
2. The advantages of the new filling mechanism are: easy installation, disassembly and cleaning, and effective improvement of work efficiency. The gap between the metering plate and the copper gasket can be adjusted conveniently and quickly, which reduces powder leakage and improves the loading accuracy.
3. The separation device of powder and waste capsule was innovated: effective recovery of lost powder. The recovered powder can be filled and used directly, which reduces waste and increases economic benefits.
4. Equipped with point control system, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean moulds, safe and convenient.
5. Automatic control of capsule closing and opening is safe and convenient, quick.
6. Equipped with an automatic cleaning die system, the upper and lower die holes are automatically cleaned when the upper and lower die is running to the tenth working station. After cleaning, there is no dust in the upper and lower die holes. Effectively improve the seeding effect.
7. Equipped with gate control and mechanical failure safety system, automatic alarm and automatic shutdown.
8. Automatic alarm and shutdown when the hopper is short of powder.
9. Man-machine interface functions are complete, and counting functions can be displayed automatically when production is running.

Semi-Auto Capsule Filler

The Semi-Automatic Capsule-Filling Machine is a new type of medicine filling machine with novel structure and attractive appearance.
Under both electrical and pneumatic control and equipped with and automatic electronic counter and computer-controlled speed-adjusting device, the machine can accomplish the positioning, separation and locking etc. of capsules.
In place of manual capsule-filling, it can reduce labor intensity and raise productivity. Its filling amounts are accurate and up to sanitary standards for pharmaceutics.
The machine consists of capsule-feeding, U-turning and separating mechanism, material medicine-filling mechanism, locking device, electronic speed varying and adjusting mechanism, electrical and pneumatic control system protection device as well as accessories such as vacuum pump and air pump.
The finished product qualification rate can be above 98%.

Benefits of Semi-Auto Capsule Filler

1. The machine is sensitive, easy to operate, accurate filling dose, suitable for filling various capsules, and is economical and practical equipment for filling capsule medicines in the pharmaceutical industry.
2. The machines are simple and easy to operate, clean, and maintain at very low costs.
3. It has adjustable and flexible settings that will improve the levels of capsule filling and production.
4. Most parts of the machine are enclosed tightly thus preventing the entry of dust and other foreign materials.
5. Since the filling process is automatic, the machine saves time and energy through a fast filling process.
6. You can easily integrate the machine properly with other machines for a complete encapsulation process.
7. The machine is also compliant with the right quality standards such as CE and GMP that ensures high-quality standards.

Technical Specifications

Filling Capacity 10000-25000pcs per hour24000pcs per hour48000pcs per hour72000pcs per hour150000pcs per hour
Weight 430Kg600Kg900Kg1000Kg1500Kg
Power Supply380/220V 50Hz380/220V 50Hz380/220V 50Hz380/220V 50Hz380/220V 50Hz
Total Power4KW3KW5KW5.5KW8KW
Segment BoresN/A3 holes6 holes9 holes18 holes
Vacuum 40m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa20m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa40m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa40m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa63m3/h-0.04-0.08Mpa
Operating Noise <60DB(A)<75DB(A)<75DB(A)<75DB(A)<75DB(A)
Filling PercentageEmpty capsule 99.9% filled capsule 99.8%
Capsule Size000#, 00L#, 00#, 0L#, 0-5#00,0-5#00,0-5#00,0-5#00,0-5#
Filling Accuracy ±3%±3%±3%±3%±3%
Suitable forPowder, Granule, Pellet

Provide Customized Services

As a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical machinery, we can provide you with product customization services, inform us of your needs, and we will provide you with a perfect solution.

Quality Warranty Service

Provide three-year product warranty service for free. If you encounter any problems during operation, such as mechanical failures, please feel free to contact us.

After-sales Service

From the moment you receive the machine, if you have any questions about the use of the product, you can contact us 24/7 at any time. We have a professional after-sales service team that will solve the problem for you through video, telephone and other forms.


Q: How long need to ship the machines after order?
A: We have ready stock for some model machines, and other machines can be ready and shipped in 7 to 30 days after order.
Q: How long is your machine’s warranty period?
A: All our machines have one year guarantee for electrical parts and two years guarantee for mechanical units, starting from the finished installation.
Q: What can you provide for after-sale service?
A: Providing pictures and videos for the whole production, packing, and delivery; Providing 24/7 available technical support; Providing professional engineers to service overseas.
Q: How can I trust you for the first-time business?
A: We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory anytime, and please note our business license and certificates above. If you don’t trust us, we suggest using Alibaba Trade Assurance Service for all transactions to protect your money and assured service.
Q: What are your advantages?
A:1. Competitive price;
2. Excellent technical support;
3. Best service, including professional team and shipping with VIP cooperation;
4. Promised response within 12 hours and professional business manager answer your needs accurately;
5. Customized products and kinds of machines;
6. Providing related machines according to your needs.

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